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Trying to get our beneficiaries changed. I have made at least 3 call and emailed faxed or sent by mail formation . Several times the very information I I had already sent . This has been going on since around August. I want a representative of this poor company to actually come to my home and personally collect the information they need. Read more

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We are having the same issues with this company! I purchased a policy when I was 17 years old. I was a waitress and had NO retirement plan. So the insurance salesman "George Smith" sold this to me reporting it was an annuity ... So when I called as I am now 59 and ready to plan for retirement. I was told I didn't have an annuity policy. So I have been paying 25.00 a month since the age of 17 thinking I was paying toward a retirement plan and I... Read more

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My father was 13 years old when a whole life insurance policy was taken out on his life valued for $1,000 back in 1939. At the time the company's name was California Mutual Life Insurance Company. In 1984 the company was bought out and assumed by Continental Western Life and later taken over by Midland National Life Insurance Company. My father has been paying $13.44 annually for the past 75 years, 46 years past the 30 year policy period when... Read more

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I have had a $100,000 life insurance policy with Midland National Life Insurance Co. since July 1992 and have paid $270.00 per quarter. I received an annual report July 17, 2015 (five confusing pages)with a short note at the top of page 1 "you need to increase your periodic premium payment to continue coverage under this ploicy". I assumed this would be a reasonable increase since I had called the company several times and was assured each time... Read more

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This is more than a complaint this is a situation that is for the court. My mother had a policy on myself and another person for years since I was younger. Now that my mother is much older, I took responsibility of paying for the bills of sorts. My mother agree to make me the new owner assign to the life insurance policy. I paid 38 dollars Quarterly, the next part I'm about to explain is quite rough. I live in Charleston, South Carolina and I'm... Read more

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My mother was hit by a driver that was insured by this company and when her car died on Friday evening, she called them for a rental and was told by the phone rep, we are closed, call back Monday. We only take claims on weekends, we dont actually do anything until Monday!! Seriously? Add comment

Terrible investment. IF you call that. The agent claimed there was no cost to investing my money. OH REALLY? why is there a 14 year surrender penalty starting at 18%. Do not be fooled by the 8% bonus. because they limit the Cap on the index. That means the money pays about 1.5% for the next 14 years. This product should be illegal. Seniors beware. Your better off working with a licensed full service broker from a reliable firm like Edward Jones... Read more

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I have had a policy with Midland National for 16+ years. I was out of work at the end of 2014 for 3months due to a surgery I had. I called the company about it and they said I didn't have to worry because my policy made previsions for that. I received a letter in July saying my policy had lapse and I need to send $350.00. I called them and spoke with a women I forger her name have it written down some place! She told me I need to pay the... Read more

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Was paying 22.50 a month for life insurance and Midland raised price to 72.00 on June 17 2015 without telling me.What is going on Read more

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my online account access shows I have no policies in a zero balance although I have a very significant investment. All I get from customer service is we have a website issue which i think is BS. I'm concerned that my money has been lost forever Add comment

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