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My husband died 5-10-10. In 2005, he invested money in 2 annuities with Midland National Life Insurance Co.

On 5-21-10, I arranged with an agent for Allianz to obtain 2 new policies under my name with the death benefits under the Midland National Life policies. Allianz sent all the stated required information to Midland National Life Fed Ex. Midland National Life sent me a letter in early June that was dated May 27, 2010, notifying me that they would not process the claims until Allianz sent Midland National Life Allianz' Corporate Resolutions. They did not notify Allianz. I contacted the agent for Allianz and they faxed the corporate resolutions "within 5 minutes" after I called them to Midland National. I also talked to Midland National Life that day. I was struck by the call because the claims representative was short and condescending with me and expressed no condolences. I didn't say anything, but I noted it. She was the only person out of the many I have had to deal with since my husband's death to not express condolences.

The agent with Allianz had told me it could take from 10-24 days to process the transfer of money. Today was the 27th day and the agent called me and told me that they have received no word from Midland National at all. I called Midland National. The agent again expressed no condolences and kept telling me they had not received the corporate resolutions from Allianz and they would not process the claims until they did. She would not listen to me saying they had faxed them. She made no offer to help in any manner and she had a snotty attitude. I became extremely frustrated with the knowledge that Midland National was evidently going to sit until they can't sit anymore, refusing to acknowledge receipt of their requested paperwork which I felt was highly suspicious in the first place. I have arranged with Allianz to again send Midland National their corporate resolutions which is a requirement that absolutely astounds me fully expecting them to refuse to acknowledge the receipt once again. Not only is this a life insurance policy for which they are liable, this is an ANNUITY which means it wasn't their money in the first place -- it was OUR money. The only thing they should require is a death certificate which they have already and the name, address of a beneficiary.

My husband is dead. He THOUGHT he had worked hard all his life and saved money which he knew I would need. The funeral home would like to be paid. I would like to grieve in the peace of mind that my husband thought he had provided with these annuities. BUT I AM HAVING TO FIGHT instead because Midland National won't turn over the money he had busted his butt for all his dang life. This is disgusting. How many other people are having to go through this with Midland National? How many are older than I am and do not have the presence of mind to deal with the greedy buzzards? How many are just not as ornery as I am and do not think of getting on the computer and finding out every place I can possibly make a complaint? How many just give in to the depression and just lie down on the couch? Will I finally? How many will be cowed by the Midland National representatives' uncaring and despicable attitudes? How long will I be kept between this rock and a hard place that Midland National is creating for me?

I learned yesterday why Midland National is asking for Allianz' corporate resolutions.... they want to make sure Allianz' corporate board "has the authority" to handle (my) money for me." This angers me beyond what I can express. Midland National was sent paperwork from a reputable company with my signature on the paperwork. I am a competent adult in my 60's. When did my signature stop indicating that I give authority with it? When did Midland National become my nanny and determine they have to review and evaluate my decisions?

I am embarrassed that the funeral home is not yet paid due to the holding up of these funds. I am angry because annuities are monies WE put in a supposedly safe place to be used under the exact circumstances I now find myself. These are not life insurance policies for which we paid premiums and the funds coming out of Midland National's pocket. I am astounded with the lack of feeling, respect, and level of interference to avoid fulfilling a contract displayed by Midland National's employees. I could not feel any worse than if I had been mugged and raped.

Review about: Midland National Life Insurance Company Life Insurance.

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Midland National Is a HORRIBLE COMPANY. They send papaerwork with NO numbers and make me wait on the phone for HOURS with NO help or information NEVER STILL to this date!!!


They take Money and NEVER give it Back!!!!!!!!! MIDLAND NATIONAL THEFT COMPANY!!!


I am also having problems with Midland. I am so sorry for the loss of your husband.

I lossed my husband, as well. It is enough how we feel and the grieving we go through .

the process should be flawless, simple with the state we are in. I hope you finally got the money out of the annuity.


WOW!! I am so sorry for the *** you are going through.

My husband and I met with a Midland agent last night and he really talked up the annuity and all the percentage, yada yada yada. I was very skeptical after I asked him several questions that he dodged answering. So, I told my husband Nah!! we are NOT going to buy ANYTHING with Midland.

I am very appreciative all the comments and the reading about their problems with Midland. I am better able to manage my own money. I only see these type agents as pocketpickers, who promise the moon and then, put the client through *** trying to get their money back. You must remember that our commie govt.

is the one writing the rules about interest, penalties, etc. So, you are better off buying a big honking safe that is bolted to the floor and putting your money in it.

To *** with all the interest, etc., because now the banks, stock companies, etc., are required to flag accounts that take out THEIR own money and they track it, then, they will put a limit on how much you can withdraw. Get in the habit of withdrawing small amounts in $20's and leave just enough to pay bills.

The only investment that pays back 100% is tithing to the Lord.

Baltimore, Maryland, United States #898881

What's funny is all the stories about how the ins co wouldn't pay a claim.... Why wouldn't they, if the paperwork was in order?

They don't get to keep it if they scam you. Every State has an abandoned property department that audits businesses looking for these things.

Then the State takes the money. You really think ins co would rather go to some politicians?


Do not buy an annuity, unless, you are content with the principal and don't want to risk any money. Even so, an annuity is an uninsured product, s if another insurance company like AIG, goes belly/up, you are left with zero.

to Ken Indianapolis, Indiana, United States #909023

AIG didn't go belly up. The issues weren't with the insurance company; it was about other divisions, many of which have been sold.

In fact, AIG has repaid the government's bailout, early and with interest. In fact, the insurance industry weathered the last recession very well. It was the banks, brokerage houses, mortgage lenders and auto companies which burdened the taxpayer with massive bailouts.

Insurance companies are required to keep a dollar in reserves for every dollar that they receive in annuity premium.

Their expenses, profit, and the interest paid to the policy holder all come out of investment return. And, insurance companies are highly restricted on the types of investments they can hold due to state regulation. Banks can be much more liberal in their investments because they don't guarantee deposits, the federal government does. When it's your own money at risk, you tend to be more careful.

I've attached links to two articles.

The first is about AIG's repayment.

The second is about insurance companies and the Great Recession. Both are from reputable sources.




Retirement planner is obviously biased and the other companies out there he/she references are the non-crappy companies. Give me a break.

Judge a company by size and claims paying ability, specifically ratings from A.M. Best Company.

Lots of companies are similar and you will have no way to predict which company will perform better than the others over the years ahead. But, don't let the minutiae stop you from making a purchase from a reliable insurance agent or broker, and certainly don't buy through someone who likes to bash the competition with superfluous and acerbic rhetoric.


If everything you say is accurate, this was inexcusable behavior by the company.

Greenville, South Carolina, United States #760078

Regulations state that Midland has 30 days to transfer the funds after the proper paperwork is submitted.

You can always just cash them out.... if its an IRA you then have 60 days to rollover the funds into a new IRA without penalty.

You need a better agent. Allainz is a crappy company.... there are much better options out there...

Littleton, Colorado, United States #737823

Contact your state Insurance Department.

Also the Better Business Bureau.

Portland, Maine, United States #689795


Jackson, Mississippi, United States #626579

Midland is not a bad company. I have and sale annuities for them.

They do make you do the paperwork right.

That is why you use a good agent.

to JOHNC #735474

If you really believe that you should read more about them. I was sent a link for this web site and was pretty much grossed. How could any honest person sell for them.


to JOHNC #950826

John C is paid by Midland National Life so it's easy to understand why he's trying to clean up their reputation on the internet.

If you want a different perspective of their reputation try Googling "midland national life threats against women".


I've been an independent insurance agent for over 27 years now, and have used Midland National quite a bit in the last 5-6 years. Midland National has shown to be a fine company, with a few (minor) communication issues, but I find them to be quite competent.

The person that SELLS the products is the one that makes the difference. Not only do I sell these products, I OWN and service these policies as well. In fact, I am my own biggest client. The agent makes the difference.

I will NOT rest until my clients get what I and the company have promised them, whether it be during life, or after. In 27 years, in EVERY case (approx 25 or so) except 2, my clients have had their death proceeds within TEN days (literally).

Most people don't know that life companies have to pay interest from the date of death until the claim is paid; therefore, if it's a legitimate claim, it gets paid promptly, if handled correctly. I'm sorry for your loss, but the situation sounds fuzzy from the agent that used Allianz in the first place.

to John LaBarbera #970447

"Midland National has shown to be a fine company". I'm not sure that the THOUSANDS of policy holders that have sued them in class action suits for Midland's sales practices all over the country would agree with your opinion.

To learn more about Midland National Life Google "Midland National Life" threat, "Midland National Life" women, or "Midland National Life" reputation.


I had the opposite experience as you, Faye. My parents purchased 4 annuities from Midland.

When Dad died, his annuities rolled over to Mom with no problem.

When Mom died, all 4 annuities were dispersed to her survivors with minimal difficulty. You probably could have taken a direct cash payout from Midland and forward it to Allianz yourself within a certain timeframe without suffering a penalty.


Fake? Now you accuse me of being fake?!!!

Well, look up Glenda Faye Hall. Would you care to see the 1099Rs I got from the distribution of funds?


This Faye person is fake, as an insider at Midland, we have never had a beneficiary by the name of Faye Hall and our proceeds pay out quickly. DONT BELIEVE THE HYPE!!!!

to MNL Lifer #737955

I am not fake. I just did not use my first name on here; I used my middle name.

I see you're still looking for me. Had that problem before, did you? That's ok. You can relax.

I did finally contact the State Department of Insurance and they got everything settled within a few days.

I've never run across such snotty people in my life. :zzz

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