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Unlike the other reviews at this site my experiences have only been positive with MNL. Our annuities generally have had earnings and Accumulation Value increases achieving our goals without any hassle.

Some years values going up well, some years not so much, but all-in-all just right for our needs. If your looking to get rich or make up for years of neglect in your retirement planning, MNL may not do the job, but if you're looking for solid support for a solid retirement plan, they work well. For example, they have always promptly coordinated my early, penalty-free withdrawals. They have always allowed changes in my investment distributions.

Annuity contracts, like any other contract should be understood before buying into and if there is a provision you can't live with - pass on the product. There are some provisions that may not work for others, but for us, they work just fine.

Compared with playing the stock market or buying a CD or low yield T-bill, we're very pleased with MNL.

Product or Service Mentioned: Midland National Life Insurance Company Life Insurance.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

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Maryville, Missouri, United States #992197

Midland appears to me to be highly rated by all the independent rating services we studied and this along with the Barron's annuity leaders article helped my wife and I decide to move part of our retirement portfolio to them for safety. Getting to the age we need to preserve some of the nice gains we have been blessed with. Eldon & Becky

to Anonymous #992251

Eldon & Becky

Thank you for sharing your experiences SO FAR with Midland National Life.

The majority of regulatory, consumer, and agent complaints about Midland National are not addressed in a company rating. Yes, Midland National makes money and they have a good rating, but that means little to a policy holder that can't get their money out of a policy, a beneficiary that can't get paid on a claim, or an agent that is bankrupted and/or blackballed from the life insurance industry because Midland National demanded a commission charge back that the agent can't cover.

I sincerely hope that you feel the same way the day you need Midland National Life to keep the promise they made to you when you bought the policy.


I think this review is a fake. there is almost 20 reviews about this Midland company on this site and this is the only one that has a good word to say bout them.


I put a little over 31k into a Midland National Annuity in May of 2004. Today it is worth around 66k.

Not huge gains in 11 years, but more than doubled. You could do better I suppose, you could do worse.

to Anonymous #988661

I believe that most of the complaints about Midland National have been about being able to get the money OUT of the annuity when it was promised.

I don't know anyone that has claimed that Midland is in financial trouble. It's their horrible customer service and criminal business ethics that anger people.


Mr. Midland National Troll apparently doesn't get it.

He has nothing to add to this conversation but he's getting paid to say nice things for Midland National so he'll keep ignoring the facts to earn that paycheck.

Since I'm good to my word I'm calling you out Mr. Troll. You suggested I Google Eric Castaneira and I did. Here's what I found.

This guy was a star agent for Midland National and won lots of awards with them.

Then he reported Midland for unethical business practices and Midland sued him. That sounds like intimidation to me.

The guy claimed Midland threatened his family and he then did something to get a long prison sentence. Then the Governor cut his sentence and they let him go. Ok, now I’m really beginning to wonder if Midland didn’t somehow put the fix in to send him to jail in the first place.

Then Midland settles with him, pays him a lot of money, and hushes it all up with some kind of non-disclosure thing.

Ok, now I’m really beginning to believe that Midland has something to hide.

Then I find court documents from last year where the guy accuses Midland of threatening his family again and Midland doesn’t dispute it. Wait, WHAT? If Midland didn’t do anything wrong then why did they take the Fifth? I think you’re working for Midland.

You probably wrote this review. I have been keeping track of Midland for my own reasons and your review is the only one on this site that says anything good about them. That’s an indisputable fact. Not only are you a troll but you’re for sure working for Midland.

That means your opinion really doesn’t count in this discussion.

It sounds like you're throwing a temper tantrum from your mom's basement because you're not getting your way. What you should get is some HELP!

to Anonymous #978018

Why did you need to Google Eric Castaneira when you are Eric Castaneira? Seems weird, although inline with your prior schizophrenic and psychotic behaviour.

You've dedicated your life to some perverted desire to bring down Midland. You almost blew some guy's brains out over it. You're the one that needs help, my friend.

A lot of help.

to Anonymous #978023

Don’t you realize that the more frustrated you get trying to make your employer Midland National Life look good the worse you’re making it for them? Anybody that might consider buying something from them will see your childish rants about violence and convicts and boogie men THAT ARE ALL ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR EMPLOYER MIDLAND and say there’s no way I’m going to trust any company that hires fools like that.

If Midland National is paying you to scare people away from them then they’re getting their money’s worth.

to Anonymous #978033

LOL. Okay, Eric.

I don't work for Midland. People should know the truth about you and your distorted reality. Why is that childish? Is it childish to want people to know the truth?

You are a convicted felon, no?

This is you: http://www.keloland.com/newsdetail.cfm/eric-castaneira-released-from-prison/?id=21272.

to Anonymous #982745

I'll take your failure to reply as an admission, that you are, in fact, big felon EC. And any monkey can up vote their posts from different IP addresses, Eric.


So........ Midland National has hired TROLLS to try explain away their criminal behavior.


Talk about DESPERATE.

EXACTLY how much do you get paid to write these BS reviews?

to Anonymous #977798

Hi Eric.


Well, of COURSE you're happy with Midland National Life: you're BEING PAID TO SAY NICE THINGS ABOUT THEM!

To learn more all you need to know about Midland National Life Google "Midland National Life" threat, "Midland National Life" women, or "Midland National Life" reputation.

to MNLU #977686

MNLU is a FELON that held a Midland National Life executive hostage in 1992. Google Eric Castaneira.

What a sad, sad little man.

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